Pubg Mobile Esp Hack 2.2 C3S7 2022 || Pubg Mobile India (BGMI) Esp Hack v2.2 (All Versions Available)

Pubg Mobile (Global/Korea/VNG) India 2.2 Esp+Aimbot Hack In build BGMI Hack C3S7

Supports -

    Root                      32+64 bit             Global/Korea/Vietnam/Taiwan
    No Root                32+64 bit             Global/Korea/Vietnam/Taiwan  


  • -ESP
  • -Box
  • -Line
  • -Distance
  • -Health
  • -Name
  • -Head
  • -360°
  • -Skeleton
  • -Grenade Warning
  • -Enemy Count/ Bot Count
  • -Vehicles
  • -Loot Box
  • -All Items
  • -Airdrop
  • -Plane
  • Enemy Weapon





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Download Pubg Mobile ESP Hack 2.2

 Update Pubg Mobile India 2.2 Mod APK Inbuilt ESP 

 INBUILT ESP+Aimbot+Bullet Tracker


  • ESP
  • Box
  • Line
  • Distance
  • Health
  • Name
  • Head
  • 360°
  • Skeleton
  • Grenade Warning
  • Enemy Count/ Bot Count
  • Vehicles
  • Loot Box
  • All Items

Accordingly, we provide you the best Oxygen esp and precise aimbot for bgmi pubg mobile version 2.2 season C2S7 hack for non-root.

Most users of pubg mobile don’t play with proness in the classic matches.

Similarly, we have seen so many players can’t even control the recoil of the gun.

That’s why we have developed a hack for pubg mobile users to defeat and kills every enemy without any kind of proness.

Hence we ensured that our hack works perfectly on non-root devices by not requiring the virtual or host files.


Download Mod Pubg India Esp 2.2 Inbuilt Esp Colour Hack

Download Pubg Mobile India Mod Apk V2.2

Use This Obb File Otherwise You Get Ban.

However, we have also ensured that we make the UI so easy to operate also for a beginner of bgmi pubg hack.

Thus we have provided the best esp and aimbot settings with no issue and 100% accuracy.

Also, download the bgmi hack app click here

To get the installation process or video click here

As well you can do conqueror or push your rank in any server/tpp/fpp and by choosing any map without any hesitation you can use your mail-id.

Contents -


Always play as a pro player, not as a hacker, use hacks and use your mind to eliminate the target.

So firstly try to always play in defending land away from the plane line

Then secondly, try to loot essentials and all the necessary things first then try to attack.

Equally importantly, like health kits, perfect guns can operate them easily like m416, akm, etc.

Moreover, vests of minimum level 2 with level 2 helmets are important.

At last, maintain your risk because you are using hacks in non-root.


Download Pubg Mobile Virtual Android 9,10,11

Download Mod Pubg Esp 2.2 Inbuilt Esp Colour Hack

Download Pubg Mobile 2.2 root Premium Esp Hack 

Download Firewall Pubg Mobile 2.2

Pubg Mobile 2.2 APK+OBB Files

Pubg Mobile 2.2 Mod APK Inbuilt ESP Season C3S7


Top 3 ESP Download For Pubg Mobile 2.2 C2S7

If you want Iron ESP Tricks for un root devices, you are at the right place, follow the post to use.

If you get 10 minutes Ban, try to turn off and on your internet in between your Matches.  Also, we will see Desi ESP no root APK, and it is working.


PUBG Mobile Tricks ESP is developed by Techy Sady/TECKY WORLD, and it's totally free. It is a build MOD APK non rooted users will need virtual Space to run. The Hack is tiny in size and will not take more RAM, very light Hack for low CPU usage.

PUBG Mobile ESP 2.2.0 Latest Version:

Version 2.2.0  of ESP is the latest and updated version which have all the latest ESP features which are required to improve the PUBG gameplay and all the popular YouTubers used it to improve their gameplay like Dynamo Gaming. This latest version is also included some new features which are are not included in the previous version of ESP which is really needed for any ESP user.

PUBG Mobile ESP 2.2 Advantages:

This version of ESP includes some good features which help to win the game and give you a 100% advantage on the other player like you can easily check the location of your enemies even if an enemy is behind the bushes or if enemies in the squad house and also when the enemy rushed on you want tried to kill you and this new version also tells the name of an alive enemy which is present in front of you which helps you understand the position and you can easily make a good strategy to wipe any pro squad within some seconds without losing health.

This version of esp also caused no bad impact on your PUBG mobile ID because some ESPs caused the banning of your game ID for some days or for a lifetime but this version has a good anti baning system than all other ESPs which helps you to use this tool anonymously and is safer than its old ESP 2.2 version. 

ESP Version 2.2.0 also needs no VPN to use which is really good because VPN can cause an increase in ping which decreases the gameplay quality of the game also the game starts lagging which is a canyoning thing.


PUBG Mobile Tricks is one of the most downloaded and played game since last 2 years. Pubg Mobile is all about online multiplayer combat game in which the last one standing wins with the title Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. So why it is loved by people many of you are thinking here is the answer that it is loved by people because of its realistic graphics and smooth game play . But this is not the topic of today the main topic of today is about PUBG Mobile Tricks. So here we are bringing you 100% safe and we are taking guarantee that your id will not get ban if you use this pubg mod obb that we are providing. No third party ban, no need to root your device, no esp or virtual. It is working directly without using any third party applications.

Download links for Desi ESP 2.2 (Method 2) -

1. Desi ESP Root APK
2. Virtual For Android 10
3. FX File Explorer APK 
4. espValue.xml File 


Having 10 minutes or 2 months Ban in PUBG, Avoid these things to improve your game as well as Safe Matches -

Play Easy
Kill less than 10 enemies in a single match
Use only Limited Hacks.


Many users rank push with the Spectate technique, with this technique, their main account remains safe and works longer.


ESP or Extra Sensory Perception is another popular hack used to get an unfair advantage on PUBG Mobile. You can call this a step beyond wallhack wherein apart from the location of the opponents, a hacker can get additional information

Advantages of PUBG Mobile Obb File Hack :-


hacker has two applications while running the game. One is the game itself and the second one is the ESP application collects data about other players from the game and sends it back to the game back again. The players have a tweaked version of the game so they can see all the data sent by the ESP application


Nothing is safe. Use a legit style aimbot. This means an aimbot with smooth and field of view factors. If you want to be more safe then use an aimbot that has a random smooth, fov and aimpath

  • No Ban issue 100% safe
  • You can use your original ID without any hesitation
  • Zero Recoil
  • No Grass
  • No Footsteps
  • Available for both Global and Korean users
  • This is not mod apk it is mod obb so no third ban issue
  • no 10 mins, 15 min or 1 week ban issue

UBG Mobile Mod Obb Tricks Features :-

PUBG Mobile Mod OBB – No Recoil :-

No recoil means zero recoil you can shoot large distance enemies very easily using your AR gun because of zero recoil in your gun. This hack claims 0% recoil and yes it is true because I have played and I found zero in my gun even in AKM. But for safety reason don’t shoot large distance enemies with AKM otherwise they will report you ID for sure because as we all know spraying with akm for long distance is not easy for all and it have a very high recoil.

Pubg Mod Obb Hack – No Grass :-

This mod of PUBG Mobile hack does not have any grass, so this can be useful in the last zone or in the grassy where where enemies prone. I like this hack a lot and I think everyone who hates snakes like this pubg hack because snake are more dangerous than camper they surprisingly attack you and will end you. So say no to snakes now they can not hide in grasses after using this pubg mobile hack.

PUBG Hack Mod Obb – Remove Fog :-

The fog from the game is removed in this PUBG Mobile Hack. Ofcourse you might be irritated of fog while taking long distance fight with your enemy and you are unable to see your enemy location because of this irritating fog. So the fog is removed by the developer who modded the obb of PUBG Mobile Hack.

PUBG Mod Obb File – No Rain and thunder sound :-

The developer also removed rain and thunder sound because of these effects taking close range fights were difficult and these sound are annoying to me so this is removed by the developer in this mod of PUBG Mobile Hack.

Pubg Mobile Mod OBB – Black Sky :

The default sky color of this PUBG Mobile hack is black which you can see in the above screenshots. This looks good to me and tell weather you like this color of sky or not.

PUBG Mobile Tricks – FPS Increased to 13..0 :-

The FPS of the game in this PUBG Mobile Hack is increased to 120 but you can not see in the setting but you can feel it while playing the game. The FPS matters a lot while taking fight so if your fps is high then it means you can easily defeat your enemy.

PUBG Hack Obb Mod – Anti-Cheats System Removed:-

The developer have removed anti cheats system from the PUBG Mobile Game but don’t use any external hack over this PUBG Mobile hack because your ID might get banned otherwise if you don’t use any other external hacks then your ID will not get banned for sure, even I am playing with my original ID.

PUBG Mobile Obb Mod Hack – No Camera Shake Problem :-

There is not camera shake problem at all in this PUBG Mobile Hack Noevember 2021.

PUBG Hack Obb File 2021 – No Footsteps to enemy :-

There will be no foot steps signs will be shown to your enemy, so enemy will be confused and you can surprise your enemy and kill them.

There are many other features of this PUBG Mobile Hack mod OBB that you can know after installing the game like very smooth game play and many more.

Advantages of PUBG Mobile Obb File Tricks :-

  • No Ban issue 100% safe
  • You can use your original ID without any hesitation
  • Zero Recoil
  • No Grass
  • No Footsteps
  • Available for both Global and Korean users
  • This is not mod apk it is mod obb so no third ban issue
  • no 10 mins, 15 min or 1 week ban issue

Disadvantage of PUBG Mobile Obb File Tricks :-

  • You can not use any third party ESP Tricks
  • you will lose your skills because you will lose the habit of controlling recoil

Disadvantage of PUBG Mobile Obb File Tricks :-

  • You can not use any third party ESP Hacks
  • you will lose your skills because you will lose the habit of controlling recoil


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